Hello everyone! Welcome to Lakshmi Bee TV & Podcast! My name is Lakshmi Gowda and I am on a mission to help heal the planet and people through Sustainable Fashion and a Purpose Driven Lifestyle.


Go behind the scenes with me, as I uncover our latest sustainable creations, exclusive event access and the heartfelt stores behind each of my looks. I’ll share insights into the easiest ways we can all help combat fast fashion and waste culture, help heal the planet and people, by simply re-wearing, re-styling and re-creating what you already have by using your own wardrobes.

I’ll also share encouraging and empowering stories from my own personal journey and interviews with Industry change-makers from across the board, in overcoming obstacles, finding purpose through faith and forming your dreams and visions into reality. Testimonies for anyone who is facing challenges in pursuing your own purpose, to remember that your life is important and you are here for a reason. This world needs your gifts and no matter what you may face today, there is always light and meaning on the other side.

A little bit about me,

I am the eldest of 5 children, half Indian, English Aussie, born in London, raised in Australia.

I am a sustainable designer at my Label Lakshmi Bee alongside my mother Susan. Together we up-cycle unique pieces, taking old, vintage and unused items, turning them into new fashion, couture, art and home decor, luxury pieces made to last for generations to come.

I split my time between design, hand-making custom creations, events, media projects and realestate. I love spending time with others and have always had a strong desire to see people set free mentally and spiritually, doing so through conversations, mentorship, story sharing, speaking and prayer.

So why this mission?

Right now, fast fashion and waste culture is still one of our world's largest polluters, with disastrous effects on our planet and people involved. It’s a massive global scale problem, right from the production of fabric, to the finished garment.

It hurts me hearing the multiple stories of people and all living beings who face injustices and exploitation. And even in our own backyard, the everyday mental tortures we face, people giving up on their dreams, purposes and even worse, their own lives.

I want to see people set free and realise their true purpose and potential in this life, to see more sustainable practices, procedures and fair treatment implemented across the board, and to have slave labour abolished in my lifetime.

Yes, these are massive issues to fix, but as my mum always says, great change begins with small simple steps.

I have lived my own life full of hellish experiences, but have also experienced some of the most incredible joys and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

I have seen firsthand in my own life and of those around me, that healing and thriving often begins when we do all that we personally can, to get to know ourselves first and others, recognising the resources we do have now, understanding how to use them, taking action in the right direction, and most of all, staying in the process and keeping your faith alive to push forward, even when you cannot see ahead.

Know yourself now, leave a legacy for tomorrow.

Let’s do this journey together!


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