INTRODUCING: ‘A TAIL OF TWO’ Our Lakshmi Bee upcycled couture art collection & gallery exhibition!

Our real-life mother and daughter team story of overcoming obstacles and thriving against the odds, by pursuing a life of purpose and legacy through a mutual love of the arts and the preservation of God's living creation.

This collaborative collection draws inspiration from the world's big cats, calling attention to the snow leopard, an incredible creature of majesty and mystery, still on the verge of endangerment due to habitat loss and poaching. This two-piece collection features a snow leopard leaping through its natural habitat of the Central and South Asian snowy mountains. The snow leopard defies the odds with its unusually large tail, which helps it to balance at high altitudes, enabling it to take great leaps of faith towards its goal as it races across the sharp rocks that feather into the melting ice caps below.

Each piece is custom patterned, hand-tailored and meticulously embroidered over 448 - 1000 hours. The blazer dress, jacket and high-waisted skirt have been up-cycled from a men's suit set, fabric offcuts and remnants that have been collected from past projects, family travels, personal gifts and donations. The set features a modern take on women’s dress styles of the 1900’s Edwardian era, completed with hand embroidery using South Indian beads, selected in our Indian families home city of Bangalore, (Bengaluru).

This collection serves as a deep reminder of the world we live in today, drawing attention to the many rare and unique creatures that are rapidly declining and becoming extinct. It aims to remind us of our role as global caretakers and the shared responsibility we have towards ourselves, our environment, the people around us, animals and all living beings in which we share this planet. Re-thinking the way we live and doing what we can by using what we have, we can all make a massive global change today.

Our collection was commissioned as a part of the ‘WHO ARE YOU WEARING?’ exhibition, hosted and created by Fairfield City Museum & Gallery.


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Created by: @LakshmiBee - Lakshmi & Susan Gowda | Commissioned by: @FairfieldCityMuseum&Gallery | Modelled by: Lakshmi & Susan Gowda | Videography: @Noah__Creative

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