Created By Mother & Daughter Duo, Lakshmi Gowda & Susan Gowda


Welcome to Lakshmi Bee, our heaven on earth. Together we are on a mission to heal the planet and people through our sustainable and one-of-a-kind art, couture and home décor creations. We devote many hours and months into upcycling each piece with elegance, luxury and style inspired across multiple eras, building beauty from ashes in a celebration of God’s living creation as well as our own multicultural heritage.

Uniting eastern and western heritage, we are a multinational family of Australian, South Indian, British and Western European origins, with a generational history of fabric production, art, retail and real estate. Having a natural flair for the arts and entrepreneurship from early ages, we first combined our gifts by working together at home, creating custom clothing and art projects before going on to create pieces for school competitions, community programs and church productions. This then led us into gallery exhibitions, special events and runway shows.

Our work is a visual reflection of our dreams, mission and life's purpose, with each piece individually designed and hand crafted over hundreds of hours. Every detail holds importance, combining pre-existing items, fabric offcuts and remnants collected from different eras and sourced from around the world - bringing past, present and future together. These statement pieces share stories and are made to last for generations to come, all while creating global awareness and illustrating the beauty that can be created from discarded parts pieced together - something truly amazing.

Our love for the arts and personal development continues through our Lakshmi Bee TV & Podcast show, encouraging others to live consciously, overcome obstacles and thrive against the odds in pursuing a life of purpose and legacy.

As global caretakers, we all have a shared responsibility to respect ourselves, our environment, the people around us, animals and living beings in which we share this planet. Re-thinking the way we live, what we do and what we wear, investing in quality pieces that last, while finding creative ways to reduce waste and re-use the items we already have at home - these are some of the many ways we can all help today to prepare a better world for ourselves and the generations to come.