Turn your old Christmas decorations into magical pieces! 🎥🎄💎✂️


With only a couple of days till Christmas, I wanted to do something special and share another creative project that has brought a lot of joy to me and my family, especially while being stuck indoors during the pandemic. 

With fast fashion and waste culture contributing to some of our planet's worst pollution and global destruction with ties to slave labour, we are always looking at ways we can make a difference, using simple methods that anyone can do, by using our own wardrobes and homes ♻️✂️ Simple DIYs using items we already have is one of the many ways we can all help make a massive global change today.

You can use anything you have at home to make beautiful new Christmas decorations, choosing any design, colour or style you like, the possibilities are endless! Get together with your family and friends during the holidays and have fun creating something special that you can all enjoy together for many years to come.


Check out my DIY tutorial below and turn your old Christmas decorations into magical pieces!

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